Diversity, equity & inclusion Implicit Bias Awareness Workshop

Have you ever made a comment, action, or decision that caused offense to someone and never realized until it was brought to your attention? There are social and scientific reasons behind those instances. In our Implicit Bias workshops, we explore how the functions of our unconscious brain impacts our activities, interactions, and behaviors which then could consequently shape our individual and systemic processes.

We offer this workshop in 60, 90, and 120-minute intervals depending on your organizational request or need. To find out more information or inquire how United Way of Summit & Medina can offer this to your organization, please contact André Campbell, our Director, Diversity & Inclusion at 330.643.5536 or at [email protected].

DE&I Workshops and Trainings

Diversity, equity and inclusion are the backbone of our organization because we know that leading with an equity-lens and inclusive culture positively impacts lives. Whether you are an individual seeking to broaden your cultural understanding or an organization that is committed to new opportunities for your workforce, our DE&I workshops and trainings are open to anyone in the community.

Bridges Summit County

Learn how the economic realities of poverty, class and wealth impact individuals and communities. We also show how you can promote economic opportunity and economic mobility.

Implicit Bias Awareness Workshop

Have you ever said or done something that caused offense to someone – but didn’t realize it until later? Learn how our unconscious brain impacts our behavior and interaction with others in this workshop for organizations.

Intercultural Development Inventory

Different worldviews shape how we cooperate – or conflict – with each other. Sensitivities to differences make or break your teams’ success. This resource can improve your development to bridge cultural differences and strengthen relationships.

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