Join us in advocating for working Americans. Email Congress and tell them to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Jul 14, 2016

60 United Way leaders are advocating on The Hill today for common sense policies for young workers and workers who cannot claim children on their taxes.
We’re advocating for parents who don’t live with their kids but help pay for child expenses. We’re advocating for young workers paying for their own tuition. We’re advocating for veterans who fought for our country and are finding stable ground at home.
We’re advocating for custodians, home health aides, retails workers, office and administrative workers, childcare workers, and many more. Will you join us?
Congress can expand the Earned Income Tax Credit for workers who cannot claim children on their taxes by increasing the size of the EITC for this group, and lowering the age of eligibility to 21. Tell your Representative to expand the EITC, and be sure to share the link across your networks.

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