Justice for Mr. Jayland Walker

Jul 12, 2022

United Way of Summit & Medina grieves in the brutal death of Mr. Jayland Walker, and the impact it has caused on family, friends, and our community. We wait for fair and thorough investigation, review, accountability, and results from the City of Akron and the Akron Police Department that ultimately bring forth results of justice for Jayland, his family, and our community.

We must own the reality that equitable and just process and systems in our Greater Akron community must be improved – and free of bias, ego, empty promise, and vitriol. The consistent regulating and transformation of our systems, policies, behaviors, and practices throughout our institutions, communities, leadership, and ourselves must extend far beyond any stated positions of solidarity. Our community deserves real action and solutions from all of us.

United Way of Summit & Medina stands with our community in the need of justice for Jayland and the many others who have not received due. We will remain committed through our service in/with/for our community, and by helping lift the arms of others who do the same. We greatly appreciate the tireless laboring and resiliency of our beautiful community as justice awaits, knowing that the work is yet unfinished. We mourn with the Walker family, his loved ones, and the entire community and beyond in peace, respect, and love.

In our community. With our community. For our community.

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