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How You Can Make a Difference By Supporting United Way

United Way of Summit & Medina is changing the way our community tackles complex challenges. We seek out the root cause of each barrier and cultivate connections that make an overwhelming system easier to navigate. As we discover why people are struggling, we can...

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Sojourner Truth Legacy Plaza and Statue opens to public

Dignitaries and the public gathered to celebrate Akron’s newest landmark. Yesterday evening, a crowd gathered on Downtown Akron’s North High Street to witness the opening and dedication of the newly completed Sojourner Truth Legacy Plaza, followed by the public...

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The Sojourner Truth Legacy Plaza

The team at United Way of Summit & Medina looks forward to the Sojourner Truth Legacy Plaza Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, which will take place on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024 at 5:30 pm. It is fitting that we celebrate this community project on May 29th, as it is the...

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Family Resources From United Way of Summit & Medina

At United Way of Summit & Medina, we are committed to helping our communities tackle complex challenges. We find solutions by seeking out the root cause to a struggle and building connections that make an overwhelming system easier to navigate. By finding the...

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How United Way of Summit & Medina Impacts The Community

At United Way of Summit & Medina, we do things differently. Our local, relationship-driven team works in, with, and for the community. We have Bold Goals for our community’s future and offer an ecosystem of direct services to get there. Donations to United Way of...

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5 Things To Know Before Calling 211

United Way’s 211 Phone Line Connects Summit & Medina Counties To Local Services When a community member is in need but doesn’t know where to turn, they can call United Way of Summit & Medina 211 call center for help. Our team will connect them to the local...

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United Way of Summit & Medina celebrates 211 Day

Regional 211 Helpline serves 8 counties, helps those in need and provides rich data On Sunday, February 11, United Way of Summit & Medina will celebrate National 211 day. The day recognizes the impact of 211 services, which offer people in need a place to turn to...

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Become a United Way Advocate and Be a Hero in Your Community

Do you wish you could change the world? Are you a passionate community supporter looking for ways to turn your fire into tangible good? Have you become frustrated with how to support the community you love because you feel alone in the fight for social justice? United...

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