Statement On the Nationwide Protests Following the Murder of George Floyd

Jun 2, 2020

United Way of Summit County stands with those fighting against the systemic inequities that afflict communities across our country – including our own. The murder of George Floyd is just one of many recent examples of how racism and structural injustices embedded in the very fabric of our society manifest themselves in fear, distrust, and the stolen lives of African Americans.

Over the last three months, our community has faced a deadly new pandemic. Now, our country is coming face to face with another plague – one that is just as deadly, and is as old as our country. This moment in our nation's history has arrived to test our resolve, our capacity to care for one another, and our love of justice. For the future of our community and our country, we must not fail this test.

It is time for all of us to stand together and dismantle the systemic racism that poisons our society and perpetuates pain and suffering across generations. Here in Akron and Summit County, let us choose love over hate, righteousness over oppression, and a just future over the sins of our past.

In our community. With our community. For our community.

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