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How often do we forget to put others first in the midst of our well-intentioned hard work? Realign priorities and refresh your team with a chance to step out of their workspace and into their community to volunteer. Explore our volunteer opportunities to find one right for your team.

Attend DE&I Workshops and Trainings

Looking for new opportunities for your workforce? Our DE&I workshops & trainings are available for corporate teams and share a lens for equity and inclusion to enable you to positively impact those around you. Expand cultural understanding and challenge unhealthy patterns.

Bridges Summit County

Learn how the economic realities of poverty, class and wealth impact individuals and communities. We also show how you can promote economic opportunity and economic mobility.

Implicit Bias Awareness Workshop

Have you ever said or done something that caused offense to someone, but you didn’t realize it until later? Learn how our unconscious brain impacts our behavior and interactions with others in this workshop for organizations.

Intercultural Development Inventory

Different worldviews shape how we cooperate – or conflict – with each other. Sensitivities to differences make or break your teams’ success. This resource can improve your development to bridge cultural differences and strengthen relationships.

Workplace Giving

Be a part of the change happening in our community. By setting up a workplace giving campaign you are able to offer a convenient way for your busy employees to feel good about the work they do and inspire the difference they make. Your team can help us reach our Bold Goals by 2028.

Contact Wendy Wood to set up your workplace giving campaign.

Support Corporate Social Responsibility

If you are seeking ways to begin or expand your Corporate Social Responsibility plan, we are here to help. At United Way of Summit & Medina we work to improve the quality of life for individuals across our community by providing quality, effective direct services.

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

United Way of Summit & Medina has worked for decades to create an environment that welcomes all cultures and backgrounds – all walks of life and ways of thinking. We spark conversations and forge connections that embrace every voice and point of view. We commit to building and sustaining a workplace that represents our community in all its richness and diversity. We fight systemic inequity and injustice through advocacy, through education and by mobilizing the caring power of our community to make neighborhoods and families stronger.

If this resonates with you and the environment you want to foster in your workplace – join us.

In our community. With our community. For our community.

Invest where it matters

Your donation directly benefits the people of Summit and Medina counties.