How We Meet the Needs

Helping people in Summit and Medina counties.

Breaking Down Barriers

Problems rarely come one at a time, so solutions shouldn’t either. A better future for our community begins with placing people at the center, connecting them with ongoing, personalized care that addresses the many challenges they may face.

It all starts with a call to 211 or a conversation with one of our care coordinators working across Summit and Medina counties. We find out why people are struggling and walk side by side with them, making sure they get the help they need.

Available 24/7

One-on-one Care

In Your Neighborhood

Free and Confidential

Our Direct Services

211 helps people throughout our community find local resources when they don’t know where to turn for help.
Summit and Medina county residents can get one-on-one financial coaching, free tax prep and more.
Bank On connects Summit County residents to safe and affordable banking products.
CCAA provides hands-on learning experiences for students and strengthens the education to employment pipeline.
A welcoming place in a school where parents and caregivers can get information about community resources.
Coordinates access to homeless shelters, permanent supportive housing, rent assistance and more.
Mails one book per month to preschool-age children – at no cost to their families.
Free tax prep for working families and individuals. Schedule an appointment by clicking the link below or calling 2-11.
Youth United connects young people to adults who can provide guidance, advice and inspiration to help them achieve their potential.

In our community. With our community. For our community.

Invest where it matters

Your donation directly benefits the people of Summit and Medina counties.