Celebrating a historical icon in the very place she left her mark on history
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“May I say a Few Words?”

In 1851, abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth visited Akron, Ohio, and made history. Speaking at the Old Stone Church, Truth addressed a mostly white crowd at the Ohio Women’s Convention. As a Black woman and former enslaved person, Truth spoke out on behalf of those whose voices were ignored or silenced. Her iconic speech, now considered one of the greatest in American history, is remembered as “Ain’t I a Woman?” – though she probably never spoke those exact words.

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Now in construction at the site of Truth’s speech, the Sojourner Truth Legacy Plaza is designed by Dion Harris, landscape designer for Summit Metro Parks, and will feature a floral motif inspired by Truth’s family roots in Ghana. At the center will stand a life-size bronze sculpture of Sojourner Truth by nationally renowned Akron artist Woodrow Nash. Additional architectural work has been provided by GPD Group and construction will be done by the Ruhlin Company. The plaza is targeted to be completed in the spring of 2024.

About Woodrow Nash

Born in Akron,  Ohio in the late 1940s, Woodrow Nash works in the tradition of the greater masters to build a sense of mystery and charisma into each of his sculptures. Through his pieces, Nash achieves his goal of integrating expression, complex symbolism and sophisticated aesthetics to yield striking embodiments of the human soul and sensuality.

Today, the work of Woodrow Nash is collected internationally. His collectors’ demographics have no racial boundaries and include everyone from working professionals to affluent sports figures and entertainment superstars. Learn more.

About the Sojourner Truth Project

The Sojourner Truth Project is the singular effort of the Summit Suffrage Centennial Committee.  The Committee was convened by Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro in 2018 to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage in 2020.”

Thank you to the sponsors and donors who have made this important work possible.
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