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Valerie headshot


“United Way was there for me,” she says, and she knows that with the help of United Way, anyone in her community can get on the right path too.

A man reading a child a book.

The Thompson Family

Four-year-old Elon looks forward to receiving his Imagination Library books. Though his family has moved three or four times in his short life, the books still arrive in his mailbox every month. “I like to read them,” because they’re fun.”

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“I want to start a cycle of generational wealth for my daughter. And because of United Way of Summit & Medina’s Financial Empowerment Center, I’m going to be able to do that.”

Two women reading a pamphlet


“Because of United Way’s Family Resource Center, I got a full-ride college scholarship to fulfill my dream of being a nurse,” says Asia.


“Some of my goals are to pay off my car, pay off my credit card and save more for emergencies.”


“My credit score has gone up, I am debt-free and I am saving money.”


“Financial Coaching has given me the confidence to make it on my own financially – it’s given me a future.”


“Financial Coaching has made a very strong difference in my life. I have a bank account, I’m actively saving and my credit is turning around.”


"I was about to throw my life away and throw my house away," he said. "I was just about ready to give up, you know?"


"When you call [211], and they act like they’re concerned, you’re more apt to call them to get help."


"Poverty is such a complex issue itself, and I think that, to bring the different spheres of influence and the different groups together to start the conversation, I think that’s one of the real powerful messages that United Way has in its mission."

Amy & Harry

Amy says she wants her son to understand that "you have to be very responsible with your money and save your money to pay your bills."


"It is important to give back to the community. And in turn, United Way is giving back to [us]."

Adama & James

"They actually care."


"I learned that the Family Resource Center helps families get connected to resources throughout the community and about all the different events United Way was doing like family game night and food boxes."

Rachael & Delah

"Because of financial coaching, we’ll be able to teach our children the value of financial empowerment."


"The largest thing that I offer is emotional support and accountability."


"United Way saved me when life became so difficult."


Jenise moved to Akron three years ago for a fresh start as part of maintaining her sobriety. She has had many ups and downs saying, "it’s been a journey".


"We were behind on rent and bills. We weren’t sure what the future held, so I called United Way. They offered hope and help."


"The Financial Empowerment Center has changed my life."

Reuben & Kiara

"We were able to buy a home, save and pay down debt."


"United Way helped put me on the right path."

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