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Mar 14, 2024

At United Way of Summit & Medina, we are committed to helping our communities tackle complex challenges. We find solutions by seeking out the root cause to a struggle and building connections that make an overwhelming system easier to navigate. By finding the “why” behind a problem, we can walk with our community members and ensure they get the help they need.

Our team created a system that empowers people to achieve lasting success through education, financial stability and healthy lives. One way we do that is through Family Resource Centers, located in five different Akron Public schools!

What Are Family Resource Centers?

Our Family Resource Centers provide a safe, welcoming environment within schools that connects parents and caregivers to available family services nearby. They function as a real life United Way resource guide! The team at each center is there to connect families with basic needs support, health and wellness programs, financial counseling, and more.

We know it can be overwhelming to seek out the family services you need, so parents and caregivers can connect with a Family Resource Center to browse a United Way resource directory. Parents are a child’s first teacher, and with the right support they can help their child’s health and development thrive. Accessing United Way family services at a single location makes this process accessible and convenient.

Who Can Utilize Family Resource Centers?

Family Resource Centers are a United Way of Summit & Medina wraparound service ensuring families who need support do not fall through the cracks. There are no requirements or qualifications that families must meet to utilize help from a Family Resource Center. They are open and available to anyone in the community – though they are especially helpful to families that are associated with the school in which they are located!

The team at United Way of Summit & Medina intentionally places our Family Resource Centers inside Akron Public Schools because we know it is the ideal place to meet and support families. By showing up where students already go on a daily basis, we make United Way family services approachable and convenient.

What Do Our Family Resource Centers Provide?

The United Way of Summit & Medina team understands that problems rarely come one at a time, so solutions shouldn’t either. Our ecosystem of supportive family services places the client at the center, giving them the help and respect they deserve. Family Resource Centers provide one-on-one care and ongoing wraparound assistance to address the many problems real our families face. United Way Family Resource Centers are an excellent place to start if you seek resources for families near you.

Basic Needs Support

When students do not have their basic needs met, thriving in school is nearly impossible. Whether it is needing a place to sleep or not knowing where their next meal will come from, students must have these basic needs supported before we can expect them to learn or behave appropriately in their classes. Our Family Resource Centers address this issue by connecting families with help like housing assistance or a referral to a nutritional assistance program. By acting as a United Way resource guide, our centers ensure parents understand all the services available to them and their children.

Health & Wellness Programs

Outside of their basic needs, many families need support in the realm of health and wellness. Our Family Resource Centers connect community members with mental health resources, health screenings, and programs to assist pregnant people and new parents or caregivers. We know that it is difficult to perform daily tasks when struggling with mental or physical health, so our goal is to address those problems head-on with our United Way resource directory.

Financial Counseling

Another way our Family Resource Centers empower families is through financial counseling. Helping parents manage their finances is just one way we can break down the barriers that are keeping families in Summit and Medina from health, equity, and success. Financial counseling might include help with creating a budget, setting savings goals, improving credit scores, and reducing debt. The Family Resource Center team can also refer community members to other United Way family services that will empower them financially.

How We’ve Helped Parents, Caregivers and Students Succeed

Since opening our first Family Resource Center in 2019, we have seen more and more families receive support from United Way of Summit & Medina every year. For example, our centers have made over 300 referrals to support services that help local families in practical, necessary ways. In total, residents connected with our Family Resource Centers have received over $72,000 in gift card assistance and over 3,000 LYFT rides. Every day we are making a tangible difference in our community!

Our centers are just an entry point for community members to utilize our full ecosystem of resources for families near them. From Youth United, where our youngest community members are connected with mentors, to our Financial Empowerment Center, where parents can continue to see financial freedom, United Way’s goal is to help families find ongoing success.

How To Access Family Resource Centers

There are five Family Resource Centers located in Summit County, Ohio. Each one acts as a United Way resource guide and is ready to help you and your family. Families can learn more by calling the number or emailing the address listed with your student’s school. If you don’t have a student in school, you can contact the center nearest to you. We hope to hear from you soon!

Helen Arnold Community Learning Center
450 V. Odom Blvd., Akron, OH 44307
To learn more, call 330.379.8344 or email [email protected].

McEbright Community Learning Center
349 Cole Ave., Akron, OH 44301
To learn more, call 330.761.7940 or email [email protected].

North High School
985 Gorge Boulevard, Akron, OH 44310
To learn more, call 330.761.1676 or email [email protected].

Robinson Community Learning Center
1156 4th Ave., Akron, OH 44306
For more information, call 330.761.7967 or email [email protected].

Hyre Community Learning Center
2385 Wedgewood Dr, Akron, OH 44312
For more information, call 330.849.3926 or email [email protected].

Hoping to learn more about family services provided by United Way of Summit & Medina? Head to our website or call 211 to get help today.

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