United Way Housing Assistance: Find Your Way Home

Sep 7, 2023

A stable home is the most basic of necessities. But many people in our community live in uncertainty — about how to pay the rent, how to fight back against unlawful eviction or how to simply find a safe place to sleep.

Homelessness or unsafe housing situations can happen to anyone, and the system in place for municipal housing services wasn’t designed to be simple or easy. If it feels like navigating the system is your fulltime job, United Way can help because we are right there beside you — in, with and for our community.

We’re working on creating a better system, one that puts people at the center and breaks down the barriers that keep people from finding and accessing the resources they need to lead healthier, happier, more stable lives.

Does United Way of Summit & Medina help with housing? Yes! United Way housing services focus on meeting people where they are and walking step by step with them into a brighter, more secure future that benefits us all.

Here’s how United Way housing programs can help you find your way home with lasting stability that finally breaks the cycle of generational poverty.

Benefits of United Way Housing Services

Housing assistance benefits our entire community by connecting people in need with the organizations and resources meant to fill those needs. United Way housing services are available free of charge to all residents of Medina and Summit counties who are encountering any of the nuanced situations of living in uncertainty, from domestic violence to natural disaster displacement to homelessness. Among the community resources to help with housing from United Way Summit and Medina, you can discover:

Help Finding the Best Housing Fit

Do you need help negotiating a threat of eviction from your landlord? Wondering how to handle a mortgage default or refinance? Have a loved one with disabilities who’s searching for affordable and accessible apartment options? Housing is not a one-size-fits-all situation, so housing help services can’t be one-dimensional, either. From temporary and transitional shelters to long-term housing for specific populations, United Way of Summit & Medina housing services and shelter options aim to help all people find the best fit for their individual needs.

And when you’re ready, we can even help you navigate the path to homeownership with help from the Akron Financial Empowerment Center.

Access to Legal Aid

A house without running water or in serious disrepair is not safe for occupancy — but can you afford an inspection? And how do you make the landlord comply with regulations or citations? It is illegal to discriminate against current or prospective tenants because of their religion, age, family composition, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, nationality or marital status — but how do you fight back if you’ve been victimized? The housing services coordinated through United Way include legal assistance in the process of landlord-tenant disputes, land title filings, discrimination and hoarding complaints, and other complex circumstances.

Resources for Urgent Rent Assistance

Sometimes you have to make hard choices about where to put limited funds. We get it — unexpected expenses like medical treatments or a tax bill can make it impossible to scrape together the rent payment. Our housing services can connect you to organizations that offer emergency grants and one-time assistance to help cover your rent, as well as HUD-approved counseling centers and local subsidized housing resources for longer-term solutions.

Support for Mental Health Care

Housing instability becomes much more complicated when unhoused people struggle with mental health issues. No matter what type of issue you’re dealing with, we can help get you the mental health support and services you need to find relief. United Way housing assistance includes hotlines and helplines where a friendly and knowledgeable voice offers help for everything from addiction to domestic violence to human trafficking to suicide prevention. We can also connect you to inpatient or outpatient psychiatric treatment options, counseling services and support groups for children and adults.

Call 211 for Housing Help Services

When you need to find a shelter, file a housing complaint or get information on rent assistance, just dial 211. Wondering how 211 helps connect services to families? It’s similar to how dialing 911 connects you to emergency services in an immediate crisis. Simply dial those three digits, and a helpful, caring member of the United Way team will guide you to the resources or organizations that can help. It’s 100% free, available 24/7 and requires zero commitment.

Is your phone on the fritz, but you have access to the internet (perhaps at the public library)? No problem! Use our digital 211 directory to find the services you need and connect to support.

United Way Housing Assistance in Medina and Summit Counties

No one should have to live in fear or insecurity. United Way housing services are designed for meeting the needs of all Summit and Medina County residents, no matter where they’re starting from or how far they’ve come. Our mission is to listen to your struggles, then walk with you through the steps of finding, understanding and implementing the ongoing, personalized care that will help you achieve lasting stability. Find your way home with United Way housing assistance.

In our community. With our community. For our community.

Invest where it matters

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